Privacy Policy

What is Privacy Policy

In order to protect the user’s personal information on the website that they are using, the privacy policy is turned on our website: – This type of privacy policy is turned on our website in order to keep your data confidential as well as also protect the user’s personal details from being getting unauthorized access for illegal purposes.

Police Results is also such a kind of privacy policy website which governs all the contents relating to the working of Privacy Policy. The main function of the privacy policy is to govern all the personal information which has been collected from the user ID when the user has opened our website for accessing information about any kind of scheme. It collects, uses, maintains as well as also discloses information that has been collected from the user personal ID.

Kinds of Personal Data collected by the Privacy Policy

There are various kinds of personal data that are collected by the Privacy Policy as given below:-


In order to detect spam, the privacy policy collects the user personal data when they leave any kind of comment in the comment section. They collect data which is shown in their comment box as well as they also collect their visitor’s IP Addresses.

Only after getting your approval of the comment that you have left on our comment section on the website while browsing any kind of details on the scheme provided by us, then your profile picture has appeared to us in a public manner in relation to your comment which you have left in the comment section.


If the user is going to upload any kind of image on the website which consisted of the extension.EXIF and.GPS, then it may be possible that it will contain the details like your current location and visitor may extract your current location from the image that you have uploaded on their website. So the user should not post and upload any kind of image on their website which is embedded with their location data.


Cookies also serve the visitor a lot for their greater and easier convenience, so that they will not get irritated while entering, again and again, their personal details such as their name, email address and other details in the cookies while opening and accessing the website. Cookies are embedded in the website in order to bring handiness for the user while posting comments in the comment section.

So whenever you will visit our login page for accessing the information on anything, our browser will show you cookies, and it is up to you whether you won’t accept it or reject it. If you reject the cookies which are shown on your screen of the chrome browser that you are using then it will get discarded and it will also not contain any of your personal data.

That is why our website shows you several cookies with several options on your chrome browser screen when you open up our website in order to bring convenience so that the user have not to face any kind of problem while posting comments. Those users who have accepted the cookies which are shown on their screen, their cookies will last for a year or in another instance, it may also keep them for 2 weeks.

Otherwise, if you will log out of your account, then your login cookies will get removed from our website and the same thing applied to your personal data. The login data may also persist on the website for 1 day if the user has published or edited any kind of article on their website. A supplementary cookie will get saved in your chrome browser.

It may also be not possible that the privacy policy doesn’t keep the function of Cookies on their websites, because the presence of cookies is a must for well functioning, otherwise the visitors can experience missing of some features.

External Links

While accessing and clicking on the links which have been provided on the website, the user has to click on any kind of links on their own responsibility. Maybe in any case the user has to click on such kinds of unauthorized links, it may redirect the user to the new page and it may also collect some of your personal information.

So our website will not be held responsible for any kind of details collected by third parties. The user himself/herself is held responsible for clicking on such kinds of links.

Other contents

Apart from the mentioned above types of data such as – comments, media, cookies, etc., there are also various other types of data that have been enclosed with the website. Articles may contain enclosed data such as videos, images, articles, etc. These types of embedded content also behave in the same way as the other types of mentioned above data behaves when users open up the website for reading an article.

If you have done login to the account of your chrome browser while accessing our article on the website, these embedded contents may collect some of your personal data by using various methods such as by using cookies, third-party tracking, and it may also regulate your interaction with the embedded content. These types of all activities can only be possible if the user has logged in to that website.

Visitor Personal Information

The privacy policy may also collect the user’s personal information only when the user has himself/herself submitted such kind of information on their website. Visitors can also deny the act of collecting information by the privacy policy, but in that case, they will get expelled from using their website.

Visitor Non-Personal Information

Apart from collecting the personal information of the user, the privacy policy also collects the non-personal information of the visitor. The kind of non-personal information which they collect are – the name of the browser, technical details of the network, source of internet connection, network IP and Service Provider.

Google AdSense Advertising

Google also provides the user with the option of AdSense advertising on Google. It allows the user to receive ads on the basis of their visit. Users can also visit their AdSense Advertising which Google has provided to them for their visiting. It also acts as a third party vendor.

User’s Rights Over Their Personal Data

It doesn’t mean that the privacy policy is collecting the personal data of the user, then the user won’t have any rights to protecting and keeping information about his data. Within the function of Privacy Policy, the user has also been given a right over their personal data. The user can request the privacy policy for providing exported files of their personal data which has been retained on their website.

After the sending of the request to the privacy policy, they will provide you with the exported file that may contain any kind of personal data which have been kept by them. In other cases, the user can also request the privacy policy to delete or erase their personal data from their server.

But the privacy policy will not send the exported file of information which may contain the details which privacy policy have kept for administrative, legal as well as security purposes for securing the vigilance over their website.

Users can also unsubscribe themselves from being receiving any future emails if they are receiving any kind of emails they don’t want to receive it. In such a case, the option of unsubscribe function will serve the user for not receiving the emails. It will remove itself from their site. After that, they will not be able to receive any emails.

Use Of Personal Data By Privacy Policy

The user/ Visitor comment or personal data is only kept for use for checking the spam detection. Visitor comment verified for website security through spam detection service. And there is no other use of their personal data by the privacy policy. Protection of the personal information of the user is very essential and crucial in order to avoid any kind of unauthorized access from any illegal body.

Privacy policy can never ask for the private information of the user for carrying out financial transactions such as their Security Number or Credit Card Details. On the regular basis, the privacy policy does malware scanning.  The privacy policy also offers “do not track” or “Do Not Track” functions in order to protect the users from third party access. The privacy policy doesn’t do outsourcing, selling users’ personal information.